Release Negative Emotions

How often we are overwhelmed and burdened with negativity.

Day to day life several times certain situations do not work out in our favor.

At times we are not ready to welcome change.

We are social beings. We talk to people and in that process get connected.

Especially if the attachment is emotional energy cords get created which acts as hose-to and fro of emotions from you to your partner.

These energy cords tends to drain us out of energy at times if the relationship is suffering

Also humans have tendency to take it all personally. Anything goes wrong we start blaming ourselves.

Listing down few easy to follow practical steps in dealing with Negative Emotions-

  1. Quit taking it Personally

Remember – it is no one’s fault. You did your best in that situation. Sometimes certain situations and people happen so that we learn from them. Everyone has their unique journey .They became a part of your journey to teach you a lesson which you needed to learn

  1. Love yourself

While you start accepting the fact that you are not to be blamed, remember to love yourself enough to enjoy being with yourself. Spend some time with yourself. Remember you are special and gifted. Surround yourself with love.Practise saying “I love you” to yourself first and foremost

  1. Daily care

When you start taking care of yourself remember to cleanse your aura and energy.

First step is to start adding pinch of Himalayan rock salt in your bath. This if made as a habit proves beneficial in cleansing your negativity

  1. Meditate

This is the most effective way of centering yourself. However for releasing negativity , you need to start lighting rock salt lamp while you mediate. The rock salt lamp when burns emits ions which are beneficial in multiple ways. Apart from healing physical elements it significantly reduces the negative energy


  1. Cord Cutting

When we get emotionally attached to someone, we get connected and energy cords develop. Since the situation is no longer serving you neither is the person involved, detach yourself.

You can also disengage energy cords by cord cutting technique


  1. Gratitude

Finally a word of thanks is miraculous. Attitude of gratitude goes a long way. Be thankful that these things happened so that you learnt a valuable lesson.

Always end any relationship with letting go of that person by thanking him for teaching you a valuable lesson.



Please understand having negative emotions is not and never will benefit you.

You are born to rejoice in your beautiful life.

You are special in your own way.

You are not dependent on anyone for your happiness.

Love is divine. You are a part of grand plan. Accept and Let go.

Let harmony prevail and healing starts

To all of us, Love thyself unconditionally!


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