SuperMoon and SoulMate

Illuminated by starlight and a moon that will hung low over the earth, looking forward for Super Moon tonight.

It is a day of Miracles!

I am writing this from experience. I have experienced power of affirmations. I have witnessed change of my heart. From a powerful source of energy, I have had been blessed with love.

Love is the essence of life. Love is that divine truth when embraced completely has power to change.

The Super moon today will lighten your life if you choose to do.

a1Soak in the luminescence ,soak in the love. Let go your past and welcome the change. Moon is a powerful messenger of change. The ever changing shapes reminds us of the phases of life.

My source of strength is this Divine Love.

Wishing you a miraculous Super Moon.

For those of you trying to attract love :-

Here is powerful affirmation to be done during the full moon tonight.

Take a glass of distilled water, add red rose petals, hold it and let the moonlight fall on it.

Feeling the moonlight around you, Make a Wish. Open yourself to your Soul Mate.

Let Universe guide your chosen one towards you.

“Let the perfect person enter my life”

Drink that water and experience the blessing



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