~Shades of Rose~

This is for all those people who would never miss an opportunity to send flowers or receive flowers.

Of all the flowers we usually love, Roses are the most common.Roses have beneficial properties. Rose water if drank on a daily basis can do wonders to your skin and peace of mind. Aroma of rose is deeply soothing .

Happy Roses to you.


So for those of you who have difficulty in deciding which color of rose to send for congratulations or  for probably an appreciation, here are the Various shades of Rose

Shades of Roses:


White – Purity, For that blissful feeling, ideal to send to lover after a fight. Suits well to send it to hospitals as Get Well Soon, to a friend suffering from breakup and in nutshell to cheer anyone for whom you care.



Red-Love. Passion and Romance is the key. Red Roses for your lover. Red Roses for that new date. Red Roses on your Wedding Anniversary and nothing like Red Roses for your Valentine. Think Romance, Think Passion, Red is your color.



Lavender– Exquisite. It’s all about excitement. Your nephew graduated, lavender is for him, Your boss to your work mates, for expressing any sincere message. Lavender Roses are ideal. Purple is usually connected with regal and loyalty, so nothing like Lavender Rose for your Wife who has delivered you baby girl!



Also, this is for all the Romantics-Lavender Rose signifies Love at First Sight


Yellow- Joy. An unofficial flower for friendship indeed. It signifies warm feelings of friendship. You want to congratulate or celebrate your friendship yellow rose is for you.

Yellow is cheerful color related to Sun. Perfect for sending it to your administrative assistant/colleagues/colleagues.




Dark Pink– Gratitude. Perfect for Thanksgiving. This is flower to express gratitude. So it could be on Mother’s day or Father’s day. May be thank you to your clients. The pink rose signifies gratitude.


Light Pink– You want to appreciate someone. Probably your siblings or your children or could be anyone. Pink Roses signifies genuine appreciation.


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