Setting Intention

Intention is a very powerful tool.

It is a gift given to humans to set their life back on track.

Infact We are blessed to have choices.

Each one us is privileged.

One of the techniques which I would like to share and that has helped me multiple times is Intention.

Setting Intention :

Why do I do it?

I really want that particular situation to take place. I would tell Universe about it.

Be focussed and bless the intention with utmost love.

When I decided to leave my full time job, I had no clue.

No means of earning bread and butter if you put it that way. But I knew what I wanted.

My intention till date remains how to help others.

My intention also is and will remain how do I become a better person so that I can help others in improving their condition.

I indeed set Intention.

Focus and concentration combined with positivity helps you in achieving things which you have always dreamt of.

New Moons and the days around that are considered best to set Intention.

Let the Universe know what are your dreams .

Focus and be willing to change.

Miracles awaits

May the Buddha in you get enlightenment !



Pic credit : Rahul Parmar





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