Power Dressing-Dress to Impress!

Let us all accept that we do love compliments.


At times even compliments are not that easy to get. Especially when you are struggling to work on your intonations and pronunciations for that particular appraisal interview, you do not pay attention to your image. After all your managers have been with you since day one of work.

Yes, you have a standard attire reserved for that interview but did you wear that dress in correct way. Did you choose the correct dress?

Do you know how to select the right outfit?

Dressing up is not rocket science. But  dressing indeed is an Art.

Wondering why the need to Dress up.

Power Dressing is essential.

Dress to impress.

Power Dressing is :-

1.Essential to establish authority

Male dominated world, We Women do need to break that glass ceiling.

According to Economic times May 2013, Women account for nearly 40 per cent of the total workforce of India Inc, but their presence is less than seven per cent when it comes to board-level positions, a survey has found

Source : Internet


2.Unique Fashion statement

You are an individual .Your identity is as unique as you. Then why shouldn’t your style be like you.

Sophistication combined with Elegance.

Source : Internet


Your image speaks a 100 words. The way you dress depicts your earnestness.


4.Feel good

What else, you actually feel powerful. Like that power poses we practice, power dressing is good for your self esteem

Source : Internet


Last but not the least, Power dressing brings out the best in you. That confident smart woman out to take the world with her talent

Source : Internet


Shout out to All the Women ,Why wait!

Get that Chanel suit yes that  tight skirt and  a wool, collarless button-up jacket, with those  metallic buttons and fitted sleeve.

Celebrate your life with your unique style.



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