Monday Blues!-Quick Tips

Source : Internet

Here’s to each one of us who cope up with Monday after rather restful Weekend! Here’s to that grind ,that rush ,that traffic which meets us when we leave our nest.

To the Monday which should be high on testosterone and low on cortisol.

Few quick tips on managing your Monday well

1.Start your (Mon) day Early

Especially on a Monday morning half an hour ahead of schedule  is key to avoiding traffic stuck up, chaos and upheaval.

Source : Internet

2.Sleep early on Sunday

Late Nights or night drive should be kept for Fridays or Saturdays.

Source : Internet

3.Avoid Alcohol

Yes Especially limit your alcohol consumption till Sunday Brunch

Source : Internet


4.Cold Shower

Trust me on Monday morning the first thing should be Cold Shower

Source : Internet

5.Be Positive

Positive mind results in positive week ahead. Make your Monday constructive. Ignore all those gloomy thoughts. Store them for Thursday. On Monday Morning it should only be about ” I,Me,Myself”



6.Power Poses

Still cursing the traffic or your workplace or your bad luck with the current job practice  a power pose. Yes Hands on the waist and smile on your face. Breathe in and Breathe out. You are the Master of your fate. You are IN charge!

ammy cudd
Ammy Cuddy Power Pose




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