Beginner’s Guide to being hired

Cordially inviting you to a Workshop on Employability Skills happening at St.Marks Road on 10th July 2016.

We are Bangalore-based professionals who have been in the field of Academic and Corporate training for the past 10 years. What came to our notice was the fact that though our students were/are technically brilliant, they lacked the requisite skills business organizations the world over are looking for, namely life/soft skills. The statistics are alarming.

The need is for 2.5 million professionals every year

80% do not fit the bill

Only a miniscule 8% of Engineering graduates get placed due to the absence of Soft Skills

Stanford Research Institute reports that 75% of long-term job success depends on soft skills and only 25% depends on technical skills

Keeping this in mind we came up with programs aimed at plugging the gap.


What it is :

This is a mix of essential life skills and behavioral techniques required by organizations looking to hire the best in business.

The course is a Fast track program of Seven hours.

Our aim is to empower the ‘generation-next’ with skills to challenge the best globally.

There is a gap between what we learn from college and what we are expected to deliver at work.

Target Audience :

Job Seekers and Students.


Please click for more information


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