To be You!


We all from time to time realize the importance of Self Love but when that Self Love becomes Fake love then where do we go from there?

What I am talking about is the endless trend of Selfies and zillions of makeup app. Is Self love defined by our color of skin or lips?

I am also an image consultant. I have worked with several makeup artist. But I have always known makeup is not an escape from the original you. Neither it is bad to style yourself. What saddens me though is the need to don a fake self image just to get the acceptance of the masses. Society has made our children too focused these days on the number of likes they get  on Social Media rather than number of people who actually like them!


Self Love is healing. Self Love is rewarding. Self Love is enriching. Self Love is Value adding.

Self Love leads to profound sense of belonging. Self Love is true love. Self Love is being the real You!

Acceptance of yourself totally. Trusting your inner guide!

Shining your inner light and hence making this world a better place.

Love is Divine.

Hence Divinity when enters your life you are YOU! creation of the Master who created you for a specific purpose.

To Shine and illuminate the whole world through your light.

your radiance, your inner glow illuminates others Life.


To All of you in Being You!



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