Communicating with Angels!

Angels are pure light.We all have our Angel with us.There can be one,two or more as well.

I personally feel  closest to Archangel Michael not forgetting that I do have my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.But ever since I have hosted Archangels at home the difference in the vibes around the Altar has miraculously shifted to a higher  positive level!Indeed it was an enriching experience for me.That corner has become my sacred space.

An escape from Mundane and stepping into the Magic.
Day to Day Life is not a cake walk.Certainly there are happy times but well to put it like that NOT always we have fun and zero tension.Usually its 60,30 ratio where 60 is tension and 30 is happiness.
It is true I think for most of us.
 The ratio is imbalanced because we forget gratitude.We exaggerate our plight and belittle our pleasures.
Be it you be it me! Helds true for normal people.
One of the  highly effective technique to balance the negative and positive is Communication.
Communicating with right people.
Well if you do not have the luck to be surrounded by people whom you feel comfortable with and can confide in.Why do not you start with your Angels.
Communicating with Angels is not just rewarding but if you make it a practice soon you will observe a shift in your Life of course towards a better you with better prospects.
How to Communicate with your Guardian Angels and Archangels :-
1) Clear the space – preferably a quiet corner .
2) Fragrance- your favorite of course. I prefer French Rose
3) Candles- aligned with your favorite fragrance
4) Flowers- Fresh.(I prefer white roses)
5) Soothing music- I prefer Water fall
6) Crystals- ( I have rose quartz Angel )
Now when the corner has been purified and you are ready to meditate. Magic Starts.One ground Rule you cannot be in a shabby uncomfortable state of mind or even dressed for instance.
Communicate with Angels like the way you will when you visit your sweetheart for a date.To state it in a simple way,Wear a comfortable pretty clothing.
Remember Angels are easily appeased though they do not have Gucci or Channel preference , they do prefer fragrances and candles.Their love for cleanliness is well known.
While you have prepared your sacred corner, switch on your favorite music and let go.Breathe in Deeply.Inhale the fragrance .Feel the warmth and beauty of your surrounding.
Let the thoughts flow.Allow all the negative thoughts to gradually subside while your practicing deep breathing.
Inhale and Exhale.
After few minutes you will soon feel all the negative thoughts have lowered and you are ready to Smile.Yes Please Smile and quietly whisper – Dearest Angel- my Guardian Angel I love you and I need you. Help me.Please !
Meditate on your words.
Answers which you seek will come to you through your subconscious
It is a beautiful process and also an effective way to heal.
Let Love be the reason you Exist.
Surround yourself with Love!
 Make your Life a Miracle!
Love and Blessing~
Angel Touch

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