Self Healing~Divine Healing

We are all born perfect. Then we start growing up. Our perfection gets lost somehow in the act of growing up.

While nature equips us to live a healthy life due to our over indulgence we end up losing our natural immunity.

Several working and even non-working professionals in my workshops have mentioned Lack of TIME as primary reason for their inability for SELF CARE.

Agree since we are otherwise busy running our Life we forget the primary purpose for which all of us are born.

Oneness 1
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We were born perfect and we are meant to be that way.

SELF HEALING is widely misunderstood word. However any healing which takes place only takes place when it is received. That means you must be receptive and ready to receive Healing!

Life is a beautiful gift. We are blessed to be born in the human form. Self-healing is a technique where you yourself are responsible for your own WELL BEING.

Certainly there are ways to make a shift from an imbalanced life to a balanced life.

Heal yourself first before attempting to heal others.

The bottom line is Receive. Be ready to receive the Divine Healing.

Allow your Self to be connected to the Source.

Affirmation “I am totally open and receptive to the healing I receive”


2 thoughts on “Self Healing~Divine Healing

  1. Very true. It’s the inability of balancing our priorities which lead us to lack of time. We never give time to our self for our well-being which lead us to frustration and unbalance lifestyle.


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