Archangels and Crystals

Eversince I hosted Archangels at my home,I somehow feel the presence of Archangels around me all the time.More prominently Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphel.
I then realised why not keep the Archangels around me in the physical form,not literally but then certain crystals are associated closely with the qualities of Archangels.
I am listing down crystals associated with Archangels :-

Archangel Ariel-Crystal: Rose Quartz

Archangel Chamuel –Crystal : Green Flourite

Archangel Michael- Crystal : Sugalite

Archangel Gabriel-Crystal : Citrine

Archangel Raphel-Crystal : Malachite

Archangel Uriel-Crystal : Amber

Archangel Metatron-Crystal : Watermelon Tourmaline







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