Introduction to Social Skills : Part One

We all suffer from Existential Quandary.
It is human to question the decisions we make or others make.It is
human to doubt.But what happens when those doubts become self doubts
and has direct impact on our Social Skills.
I am not using the word confidence or individuality here.To begin with
we humans are social people.Highly affected by the society around
us.We adhere to the rules and conform to its standard.
We all are equipped with certain sets of Social Skills.
Social Skills are set of skills that facilitates out interaction- both
interpersonal and intrapersonal.
These skills are also indicative of person’s ability to interact and
function amidst the large set up that is a business environment.
A work environment is different from the environment at home.
Hence when it comes to securing a promotion or landing up your dream
job, these Skills play a crucial role.
“Social skills can be measured on about how you treat other people and
how you react to them. It’s a matter of dealing with the people around
you. Different tests will help you to provide and tell what kind of
personality you have towards others. If you are in doubt of your
behavior, then you may be get in touch with these kind of test. This
would not help you totally, but this would serve as your guide in
handling your personality towards the people whom you’re reacting
with.” (Ledesma, 2009)


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