Healing~with the Divine

Pic credit : Energy to heal.com
Pic credit : Energy to heal.com

Energy healing is the future. I have witnessed the Miracles of healing myself. In a modern world where we require sleeping pills for peaceful sleep, we usually neglect the gifts that have been given to us by our Divine. We are the creator, we are the Souce.We are connected to the Source and We have the power within us.

If each one of us realizes the power within us, then we would not explore outer territory for our well being. Our well being lies within us.

Practicing Reiki for few years though exposed me to the vast realm of possibilities that lie within us, it also made me vulnerable. Now I try to avoid the negativity and wonder what I can do to remove it. But I have learnt from my experience to each his own.

You cannot help others if they are not ready to help themselves.

Thumb rule is to have good intentions: – No matter what we feel/how we feel, how strongly we know that that person needs help, Donot make him/her understand. Wish him well. Have good intention towards him and leave it.

Healing works only and only if the person reciprocates/believes and keeps an open mind. When doubt creeps in, when negativity seeps it’s always good to let go!

Being a healer we all go through turmoil of resistance. We wish to help but if that person is not ready we cannot.

We should accept that reality but yes our Intentions should always be that of helping/healing unconditionally.

Compassion is the root of helping others.

Care and Share~ Happiness increases when you spread smile. Heal and help. Divine always paves the way for all good.


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