Healthy Living : guide to Soul Searching

What is healthy living?

Is it just the diet that we adhere to or does being healthy refers to our mental and spiritual self.

We are not just a living body, we are more.

We are part of Soul that is as old as Universe. Yes, it is a common perception that Souls are ancient and our bodies are just temporal. Soul searching is not the literal word, if we look at the particular action of Soul search we would also delve into familiar and not so familiar realms of vast universe.

Hence when we talk about Healthy way of living we also mean existing not just by name but with the realization that we are aware of our core.

Our core here refers to our innermost believes and our identification of our purpose of our life. Not just meandering aimlessly but a Life which is well lived and is worth witnessing as a motion picture.

In simple words, A Life where we smile the most and others around us also contagious to our happiness. We radiate happiness in short. That way we are living our life in a healthy way without the spite, without venomous jealousy but with the inner joy!


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