Mindsets: Scarcity

There are plenty of problems and at times we feel there are no solutions!

But if there are problems then ideally somewhere Solutions are also present in equal proportion.

As in if there is a disease there are always cures available. It has been proved.Infact yes Research takes time but then the antidote is always created.

Similarly this applies to our real life scenarios also.

If we have a problem then we also have the Solution.

Yes we are responsible for causing the problem so are we accountable for finding a Solution.

If our thoughts have attracted a particular condition, so it is our thoughts only which will eradicate the condition.

A common area where lot of people struggle is Money. They either donot earn, or they donot earn enough. Always Money has been the crisis. People who are rich grow richer and people who are poor are poorer each day.

There is plenty for everyone. Still Abundance is not accessible to many. Ever wondered why?

Answer is Simple : Mindset!


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