Affirming for a Glowing Skin

How many times have we not looked at ourselves in the mirror and criticized atleast one flaw! I have done it several times and so do you. Like I believe whatever we say comes true for us. So After I realized this I stopped. It took an effort but I did. So can you!

One of the most unique beautiful creations of this world is you. So when you acknowledge and appreciate the lovely creation that is you, the appreciation begins to manifest.

Yes I have done it and have been successful too.

The first step is to admire ourselves the most when we look into the mirror and work on any specific areas which we want to improve.

I used to have lots of acne scar and active acnes.

I was afraid to look into the Mirror for I did not like what I saw. It is now eight month, I love my skin and my skin is radiant and scar free.

You ask me how?

Well the power of affirmations.

I started affirming while looking into the mirror. Simultaneously when the intention of mine was so strong, I also got access to resources which could help me in having a scar free face.

Some of the affirmations that could be used are:-

My skin is clear and flawless.

I love myself and I love my skin.

I have a radiant and glowing skin.

Also when you look into the mirror, always admire your face. Appreciate and give compliments. Daily morning you pause and look into the mirror, Then Affirm.

The key to Manifestation is acknowledging that you have the power to do so.


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