Affirmations : Self Esteem

Affirmations are the most important tool and one of the easiest exercises in order to achieve our goals. It has been proved time and again that thoughts are very critical and at subconscious level has the power to influence course of action. A person filled with self love and self worth is more likely to be a success and also be more popular rather than an individual struggling with self esteem. Affirmations play a very critical role here. When we have done the thorough cleansing or Detox of the negative patterns we can start with positive Affirmations. Some of the positive affirmations for Self Esteem are as follow:- I love myself and I approve of myself. I accept myself as I am. I am loving and lovable. I am worth loving. Similarly any statement which rings true to your ear and is positive about yourself can be written and practiced as an Affirmation. Mirror work is crucial when affirming.


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