Releasing the Negative Patterns : Mindsets with Affirmations

After we analyze and identify the repetitive pattern of our mind and we wish to change it then what do we do?

Million dollar question:-

So first let s start with a basic step of releasing all the unwanted and unnecessary thoughts which are causing this mindset.

If the pattern is mostly for lack of money then the very first step should be making a statement that I release the need to be in debt or I release the resistance to Abundance. Whichever of these statements rings true to your ear, Start affirming. Again Affirmations are the key to Manifestation provided you believe in that.

Releasing the resistance is of foremost importance then follows the creation of abundance via mindset.( Law of Attraction)

Also A very useful releasing exercise is writing all your worries/tensions/frustrations/anxiety on a blank page and then burning the paper to ashes. As you burn the paper feel that all the frustrations/problems/anxiety is also burning along with it.

Written words are the most powerful.

Universe hastens the process and you get what you ASK!

Try it over the weekend. Releasing the Toxic pattern is the key to unlocking door of world full of POSSIBILITIES

How to Affirm :

a) Mirror Work : Look into the Mirror say the statement loudly,practice saying it for 10 times for atleast 40 days continous

b) Writing : Each morning when you wake up,write down the statement believing in it and daily write it 10 times


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