Mindset Shifts

Powerful mindset is nothing but a strong mind which knows where it wants to go. Mind wanders and we human tend to follow its path. But when we talk about powerful mindset it only means one thing and that is a strong Will and a strong desire to achieve what we want and to focus on our desires rather than our lack of it.

An interesting article I read yesterday that how a shift in mindset is responsible for bringing in a drastic change .That could be either for good or bad.

When we talk about shift in mindsets then we also mention it is a daily process. Not just uttering abracadabra or some magical gibberish and phew our mindset is changed. It does not happen. Daily practice, strong desire combined with will power and also that repetitive reminder that yes “I CAN”!

Buddha once said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Hence starting from today perhaps we pause and watch our thoughts.

We can be a witness to our own mindset and then decide what to change, what to keep the same.

Let’s say for example we appreciate our existence our life however an acne scar on the face is causing all the trouble and yes we are focusing on how ugly it looks! Instead of dwelling on that particular scar and unnecessarily giving way to more acnes, we can start appreciating our flawless skin, yes your mind questions where that flawless skin is however as we say it’s all in mind. Eventually your skin starts reacting to this positive statement which we are constantly reminding or in a way affirming. Now Affirming is nothing but making Firm! More on Affirmations in the next article. For now a simple exercise in introspecting and analyzing our Mindset and then Deciding is certainly a good idea!


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