Sunday~Lunch with Children at Anatha Sishu Sevaashrama

IMG-20150215-WA0013One of those days when I feel more privileged than other days ,not to sound selfish but yes indeed what a joy to have parents by your side!


This realization hit me hard when today we visited an orphanage at Wilson garden Bangalore,Anatha Shishu Shevashram. Situated in the residential area this premise has 65 children who are taken care by the Trust and they lead a normal life , if we call going to school daily and continuing with the daily chores managing every little thing on their own


The only difference was that while we returned home to our doting parents, their home is this premise.

They are responsible for themselves. But yes What an Experience it was for all of us.

Joyous and Exhilrating!

IMG-20150215-WA0041They are well behaved school going children excited and curious to have visitors. More excited when the lunch was served. The staff and teachers were very supportive and We had a gala time IMG-20150215-WA0019 IMG-20150215-WA0035today. IMG_20150215_132042

Interacting with children especially for us was fun with our zero knowledge of the regional language. But as it is said Love needs no Language! So it was for us. Sunday spent Blissfully.

~Warm Thankyou to All of you who have supported us and have encouraged us .Blessings from the children are surely on your way~ IMG-20150215-WA0027

“The Soul is being healed by Children” IMG_20150215_134001 Blessings~ Signing Off Wishing you all a Compassionate and Miraculous Sunday


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