Creativity! Yes We are Excited


Most people FAIL only because they ARE

Merina Morris & Sonal Jamuar
invite you to a SEMINAR on
‘The Essence of Creativity’
Join us as we take you on a tour of your
creative self. It’s time to break those chains of
Complacency and Unleash your potential
Creativity and Uniqueness!

Brief Introductions : Allow me to give you a brief introduction about ourselves:

Who we are :

We are seasoned professionals who believe that a thought can change your life! Yes we preach only what we practice.We are a guide,a mentor and a Coach

Why we are doing it :

Our strong need to be of value add to others,our committment towards our Creative side and our genuine interest in helping others

Who should attend:

The creative genius and the Not so Creative genius.You all are invited.We would love to have you as our audience while we unravel the myths and the mysteries.Creativity at its best.Creativity as an Art.Creativity in everything and anything we do.

Why you should attend:

To attract Success

To attract Riches

To attract Love

and to sum it all ” You are the best Unique Version,Come and Experience the Miarcles that is going to unfold”
Date: 8th February 2015

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00AT_Flyer (1) pm

Venue: TBA


Contact: +91 9845998743


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