Law of Attraction

As we step into a new year, I am sure several of us have made 2015 Resolutions. What to let go and what to follow.

Priorities remain same, Love, Health and Happiness.

To achieve what we want most we adhere to certain rules. For good health we start with the diet and exercise. For peace, we practice forgiveness.

We wonder why we are in certain state and others are not? As I have mentioned in my previous article that each individual is responsible for his/her condition which holds valid now, the principle is called of Law of attraction.

Universe is very kind.Infact it just acts on the thoughts individual echoes and delivers. Well it is just like perhaps a machine; Output is according to the Input.

Our ingrained thoughts attract the conditions that we are in. Happy people attract happy relationships. It is not success that makes you happy; it is a happy person which is successful.

Similarly our thought process directs Universe to create a plan for us. It is so very simple. When we love ourselves, everyone loves us. When we accept ourselves, every one accepts us. When we forgive others, others also forgive us.

Infact there is a prayer where we ask Father in heaven to forgive us as we forgive others.

Law of attraction is evident everywhere. In each sphere of life, be it work or relationships.

What we give out, we receive it twice manifold. We give love we receive love in abundance.

As we step into a new calendar year, it is indeed a great time to attain and achieve our utmost desires by reflecting on what more could be done?

Law of attraction could be used to advantage. Since we learn the golden rule, we must implement it as soon as possible.

The first step is always Introspection. Getting to know yourself and then acting on what more is required is the key to actually get what you want. It could be anything. Success at work or love in the relationships.

Law of attraction works everywhere. It is miraculous and Magical.

So Let’s kick start the First Monday of the year 2015 with positive beliefs.

Wishing everyone a Joyous and Prosperous 2015.


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