Communication Skills Part 3

In my training sessions, there is always this common question. How to quick fix the problem in communications?

I would certainly not agree that there is any quick fix when it comes to being an effective communicator however I try to summarize the key points in Effective Communication.

Six Easy ways of Effective Communication

  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Whom
  • Why
  • How

When we ponder upon these points individually we realize just keeping these simple points in mind goes a long way in creating effective communication.

Most important of all is that when we know what to speak, when to speak, where are we speaking, to who are we speaking, why are we speaking and the how do we speak?

Each point can be elaborated and explained in detail. Also I am confident when a speaker keeps in mind these points the delivery becomes easy and convenient.

Effective communication is not a rocket science, infact it is means to establish excellent relationship, improve interpersonal relations and outshine in career.

With constant practice and correct guide each one of us is capable of being an effective communicator.

It works wonders in every sphere of life be it personal or professional.

Soft skills these days are the must to have skills if one wants to achieve success at work front or at personal level. With so much of cut throat competition around it is pre requisite of a talented person to be equipped with not only technical skills but also soft skills.


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