Communication Skills Part 2

In the previous post we discussed power of WORDS.While some people are excellent communicators others simply find it difficult to communicate.There are several who otherwise are good and eloquent enough but donot fare well in public speaking.Also effective communication can certainly be the stepping stone of success.

The question arises how should we communicate that it is effective?

Well I would suggest be Assertive enough.Assertive should not be confused with aggressive.

While an assertive stance is positive an aggressive approach is hindrance at certain levels.

Assertiveness is nothing but being able to express one’s thoughts,emotions and beliefs appropriately.

An assertive communicator is confident and is positive.He is able to take a stand without offending others beilef.

An asserive behaviour is a skill and with proper practice could be mastered.This in turn would enhance the communication skills.Interaction with people improves when you are assertive.Assertiveness helps an individual to be forthright,clear and honest in interactions with colleagues,customers,employers ,at home or at work.

How to be Assertive without being aggressive?

There is a thin line between being aggressive and assertive.While assertive you are well balanced but while being aggressive you undermine the other’s interest and rights.Aggressive person will fail to consider the feelings or views of other people while an Assertive person will put across his honest views in such a way that he donot offend the other’s point of view.


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