Make a Promise to Not to be Angry!

Many  times I was asked in interviews, what is your weakest point? And I used to say my ability to be furious at myself and blaming myself for every wrong thing that happened around. Anger is a weakness. It is though a normal healthy reaction like any other emotion but has ability to destruct you as well.

For me to work on my weakness at getting angry at myself and blaming myself, it took me quite some time. As it is said old habits die hard. But it is not impossible to bring an end to such destructive habits or emotions. Not that I don’t get angry any more. I do but I breathe, I pause and I witness. I examine the situation, thoroughly introspect and then take suitable measure. Being Angry is never a solution and was never a solution.

Yes I have tried kick boxing also to vent out some of the strong feelings which if not removed from the system would have certainly damaged my ability to enjoy life as it comes.

Life will throw you lemons, at one point or other you have to face the music but being angry or blaming oneself is never going to be a solution.

We need to look at things using our intellect not emotions. We need to re define and remove certain things also which did not work for us. We have to take corrective measures because this is the only way we would be able to protect ourselves from the onslaught of negative emotions. In my training sessions, so many people tell me that their biggest challenge is to stay positive. Yes I agree, being positive is a challenge amidst so many situations that makes you wonder why the hell I am here?! But what so ever Life is a beautiful journey, why to carry unwanted baggage in the form of destructive emotions and loose our grip on reality. Why not work towards being a happy person rather than being a UN happy one. People who produce results are not happy it is happy people who produce results.

Also it is just not ourselves that we are angry or upset with; frequently we get into the habit of blaming and being angry at others. Now this comes easy. We feel we are victims, we have been wronged and the person or situation in front is the reason for all your woes. This again is not a healthy habit. Better to prevent getting into such negative emotions or if you find yourself in, try to work it out. Try to voice out the discomfort or else better write down your complains and again apply your intellect.

Why I stress on intellect is that emotions are too in consistent. An emotional approach to a situation might or might not be a great solution but an approach based on logic would certainly be!

Anger is often confusing, frustrating leading to lot of imbalance. Better to subtract it from your day to day life. It teaches you a lesson, so learn the lesson and move on! Donot dwell on it. That does not mean you would allow somebody to get away with or walk all over you simply you are a calm, peace loving person. Voice your opinion, take action but without adding on a negative emotion to yourself. Take responsibility of well being of your mind and body. Make a promise today that what so ever happen you will always be there for you to protect you, to cherish you and to love………….

Signing off …

With Love,

Yours Truly



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