Communication and how to master the art of Correct Communication-Part 1

What makes us humans different from the Animals? It indeed is art of speaking or communicating. We people have voice through which we communicate effortlessly. We donot have to depend on the signals/gestures. However these days Communicating Correct too seems to be a challenge to most of us!

Word “Communication” is derived from Latin commūnicāre, meaning “to share. Communication could be broadly divided as verbal or non verbal. Communication is a mechanism which is used to establish relationship between two people.

Correct Communication entails appropriate usage of words and gestures to put forward the message which we want to convey.

We would be sharing you few tips as in how to improve your Communication skills

Here goes the First in this Series on the most Powerful Tool – WORDS

  1. Clarity in speech is very important. You should be audible enough and clear in what you are speaking. Enunciate your words and articulate your thoughts in an appropriate manner
  2. Correct pronunciation is the key of correct communication. Good knowledge of vocabulary goes a long way in showing your competency
  3. Appropriate words at appropriate place. You should be well aware of the meanings and the message words carry as English could be a tricky language. Positioning of words at times brings radical change in a sentence.
  4. Effective speaking. Speech should neither be too slow nor be too fast. This is the key to be a good speaker. Where to pause and when to go on is art of effective speaking.

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